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Psychostimulants - Management of acute behavioural disturbances

Summary: This resource aims to provide police service staff with guidelines for dealing with individuals affected by including crystal methamphetamine ('ice').

The guidelines aim to help police services to minimise potential harms to individuals, police officers and community members when responding to situations where ice or other psychostimulant use may be involved. This document outlines the specific precautions that should be taken to safely and effectively manage individuals who present with psychostimulant toxicity.

Developers: This resource was prepared by Linda Jenner, Amanda Baker, Ian Whyte and Vaughan Carr on behalf of the Guidelines Development Working Party. Development was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Year: 2004

Costs: Free

Evidence baseThis resource has undergone expert review. Refer to the guidelines for full reference list.

Page last reviewed: Thursday, 3 December 2020